Natural Accessories You’ll Feel Good About Wearing

Plants and nuts and seeds, oh my! Who knew mother nature’s bounty could create such cute and wearable accessories? Check out these goodies that were made using natural materials.

Ombre Tagua Necklace, $50

Tagua Necklace

It looks like ivory and feels like ivory, but this necklace is actually made from a nut known as Tagua Nut. Tagua grows naturally in Central and South America and has long been used to make jewelry.

Eco-friendly Jute Purses, $42

These colorful bags are woven from jute. Jute requires no fertilizer, no pesticides, and is sturdy to boot! Each jute bag is topped with an Indian Kalamkari trim.

Cruelty-Free Silk Scarves, $44

These scarves are made from cruelty-free silk, which means no silkworms were harmed in the process. The scarves’ neutral tones and fun fringe go with just about anything.

Hmong Hemp Canvas Bag, $72

Hemp is not just natural, it’s actually good for the environment. Hemp has been known to remove toxins from soil, which is why it’s considered one of the most eco-friendly fibers. These fair trade bags are made from hemp and Hmong scrap fabric.

Acai Seed Statement Necklace, $112

Would you believe this sleek black and white statement piece is made from seeds? Even better, each is crafted by fair trade artisans in Ecuador.