Golden Manaka Necklace, India
Statement Necklace
Woven Sona Statement Necklace in Taupe
Golden Shimmy Necklace in Green
Golden Shimmy Necklace in Emerald
Golden Shimmy Necklace in Black
Woven Sona Statement Necklace in Black
Triangle Necklace
Bauble Circle Necklace
Jungle Choker Necklace
Garnet Gemstone Curved Bar Necklace
Iolite Gemstone Necklace
Red Amber African Necklace
Terracotta African Statement Necklace
Gemstone Bar Pendant Necklace, India
Aventurine and Agate Necklace
Beaded Choker Necklace
Statement Bib Necklace
Petal Pendant Necklace
Purple and Grey Twilight Necklace
Modern Art Necklace
Blue Ombre Necklace
Saturn Pendant Necklace
Honey Bunch Necklace
Wood Bead and Block Necklace
Geometric Statement Necklace
Wooden Crescent Necklace
Colorful Cube Necklace
Square Teal Pendant Necklace
Mint Statement Necklace
Horn Crescent Necklace
Chinese Pendant Necklace
Sundial Tassel Necklace
Haiti Disk Necklace
Brass Leather Arrow Necklace

Your style makes a global statement when you shop our necklace collection. These handmade designs highlight your unique taste while showcasing beautiful craftsmanship from all over the world. Browse eye-popping bib necklaces, sleek pendant necklaces, and edgy choker necklaces.  

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