Swarovski Tree of Life Pendant
Moonstone Gemstone Pendant
Lapis Lazuli Block Pendant
Tree of Life Onyx Gemstone Pendant
Onyx Gemstone Hamsa Pendant
Moonstone and Labradorite Pendant
Reversible Gemstone Pendant
Gemstone Talisman Pendant, India
Ornate Teardrop Pendant
Citrine Gemstone Pendant
Gemstone Charm Pendants
Sterling Silver Mystical Gemstone Pendant
Sterling Silver and Gemstone Petal Pendant
Sterling Silver Wrap Pendant
Teardrop Charm Pendants
Gemstone Amulet Pendant
Gemstone Drop Pendant
Gemstone Cube Pendants
Woven Chevron Hill Tribe Silver Pendant
Celtic Knot Pendant
Celtic Triskele Pendant
Eye of Horus Sterling Silver Relief Pendant
Viking Rune Pendant
Beaded Gemstone Drizzle Pendants, USA
Moonstone and Turquoise Monsoon Storm Pendant, India
Turquoise and Coral Sterling Silver Sunburst Pendant, Thailand
Mother of Pearl Regal Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver
Garden Cross Pendant with Marcasite
Mother of Pearl Modern Lilac Pendant, Sterling Silver
Spring Dewdrops Pendant with Mother of Pearl
Palace Fan Pendant, Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Indonesian Battle Shield Pendant, Abalone Shell
Garden Trellis Sterling Pendant With Abalone Shell
Engraved Sterling Silver Cross Pendant with Amethyst
Mother of Pearl Cross Pendant with Sterling Silver
Indonesian Feather Pendant with Abalone Shell

Browse Cultural Elements’ necklaces and pendants from around the globe. Each piece is a fashionable glimpse of a different region or unique cultural heritage. Selections include bold bib necklaces, contemporary minimalist designs, and pendants that double as unique cultural tokens. 

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