Pendants + Necklaces.

Abalone Shell Modern Spiral Pendant
Modern Seoul Industrial Statement Necklace, Multiple Colors
Black and Ivory Acai Seed Necklace, Ecuador
Fire and Sky Turquoise Pendant Necklace with Clear Quartz
Bayong Wood Hibiscus Flower Necklace, Philippines
Druzy Brass Arrowhead Necklace
Lhasa Skies Blue Tibetan Bead Necklace, Nepal
Beaded Tribal Necklace
Petal Pendant Necklace
Gemstone Bar Pendant Necklace, India
Jungle Parade Curved Bone Necklace
Egyptian God Horus Pendant, Sterling Silver
Golden Sunrays Beaded Stacked Necklace, Thailand
Swazi Sisal Sun Disk Necklace
Art Deco Bone Chevron Necklace, India
Maasai Brass Triangle and Chevron Pendant Necklace
Golden Fringe Circular Pendant Necklace, Fair Trade
Fair Trade Dagger Necklace
Celtic Knot Pendant
Haiti Disk Necklace
Blue Ombre Necklace
Citrine Gemstone Pendant
Skinny Brass Fringe Necklace, Kenya
Egyptian Cartouche Sterling Silver Pendant
Mother of Pearl Regal Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Snake Chain, Italy
Cut Amethyst Crystal Pendant Necklace, USA
Hazel Hues Tibetan Disk Necklace
Viking Rune Pendant
Tibetan Choker Necklace
Wood Bead and Block Necklace
Sterling Silver Mystical Gemstone Pendant
Moonstone Gemstone Pendant
Spring Dewdrops Pendant with Mother of Pearl
Together Forever Brass African Link Necklace
Pacific Ocean Turquoise Disk Necklace

Browse Cultural Elements’ necklaces and pendants from around the globe. Each piece is a fashionable glimpse of a different region or unique cultural heritage. Selections include bold bib necklaces, contemporary minimalist designs, and pendants that double as unique cultural tokens. 

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