Blue Buds Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring, Thailand
Moonstone Gemstone Ring
Artistic Pewter Statement Rings, Turkey
Triple Quartz Gemstone Statement Ring, India
Sterling Silver and Labradorite Balance Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Spiral Ring
Gold and Pewter Celtic Ring, USA
Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Textured Tendril Ring
Spinning Labradorite Worry Ring
Thai Queen Amethyst Gemstone Ring, Sterling Silver
Aurora Borealis Multi-Band Labradorite Ring, Thailand
Sterling Silver Labradorite Ring
Triple Amethyst Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Bullseye Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Basketweave Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Sunburst Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Banded Chevron Ring, Laos
Citrine Sunshine Ring
Moonstone Labradorite Stack Ring
Temple Corridor Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring
Triple Labradorite Ring
Eternal Knot Sterling Silver Lattice Ring
Amethyst Twist Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Concave Ring
Hill Tribe Silver Flower Medallion Ring
Wraparound Brass Petal Ring
Egyptian Cobra Snake Sterling Silver Wrap Ring
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Citrine Gemstone Ring
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Eye of Horus Ornate Sterling Silver Egyptian Ring
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Egyptian Snake Ring
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Half Moon Labradorite Ring with 18K Gold, India
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Moonstone Loop Ring
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Egyptian Ankh Sterling Silver Wrap Ring
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Flowing Currents Etched Hill Tribe Silver Ring
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Moonstone Gemstone Ring
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Culture can rest right on your finger. Shop handcrafted and artisan rings chosen for their beauty and globally inspired designs. Popular selections include Iconic Hill Tribe Silver from Thailand and Egyptian accessories featuring ancient symbols. 

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