Fair Trade Poncho
Thai Silk Scarf
Blue Agate Slice
Tree of Life Trivet
Country Crochet Dreamcatcher, India
Crescent Moon Lunar Hoop Earrings, USA
Hand-Carved Indian Wood Stamps
Southwestern Tote Bag
Sterling Silver Filigree Disk Earrings with Peridot
Beaded Tropical Thai Beach Necklace
Bohemian Brass Tassel Necklace, Nepal
Vietnamese Bullhorn Petal Earrings, Multiple Colors
Coastal Winds South African Brass Bracelet
Temple Gates Indian Mosaic Bracelet
Ashram Window Pendant Necklace, Fair Trade
Sacred Circles Upcycled Brass Necklace, India
Bissau Beadwork Terra Cotta Vase, 24 Inches
Pink Amethyst
Pyrite Gemstone Heart
Winged Nike Statue
Minoan Snake Goddess Statue, 12 Inches
Regal Rajput Elaborate Serving Tray with Kundan Work
Crochet Dream Catcher with Pom Poms, Indonesia
Aztec Wall Calendar, 17 Inches


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