Copper Cuff Bracelet
Southwestern Copper Cuff Bracelets
Handcrafted Turkish Copper Cuff Bracelets
Brass Arrow Cuff
Thai Sun Brass and Silver Cuff, USA
Brass Medina Cuff Bracelet, USA
Night Festival Beaded Bracelet
Eco-Friendly Seed Bracelet
Blush Pink Seed Bracelet
Eco-Friendly Courage Bracelet
Gratitude Bracelet
Men's Eco-Friendly Bracelets
Men's Wakami Bracelet
Men's Wakami Bracelet
Men's Wakami Bracelet
Men’s Wakami Earth Bracelet In Blue
Men’s Wakami Earth Bracelet In Black
Kenyan Beaded Bracelet
Diamond Bead Bracelets
Beaded Kenyan Power Bracelet
Beaded Hamsa Bracelet With Lapis, Nepal
Gemstone Link Bracelet
Brushed Brass Moon Bracelet, India
Labradorite Brass Bracelet
Guatemalan Beaded Tassel Bracelets, Fair Trade
Geometric Bead Cuff
Geometric Bead Cuff
Kantha Connection Bracelets
Tassel and Bead Empower Bracelet, Kenya
Empower Beaded Cuff Bracelet
White Druzy Cuff Bracelet
Beaded Brass Bracelets
Glitz and Gold Cuff Bracelets
Karma Circle Bracelet
African Bead Snap Bracelet
Brown Wide Leather Bracelet

Our bracelet collection has chunky cuffs, wrap bracelets, and beaded bangles. Each piece is inspired by a different region or artistic tradition. Whether its a simple no-fuss band or a hand-painted cuff, our bracelets add color and texture with unique materials and original designs. 


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