Orange Saffron Beaded Jangle Bracelet, India
Leopard Spot Brass Bracelet with Tiger Eye Gemstone
Wrapped Bronze Lighting Bolt Bracelet, Turkey
Fair Trade Geometric Gemstone Cuff Bracelet, Kenya
Brass Medina Cuff Bracelet, USA
Cube Bead Bracelet
Brown Wide Leather Bracelet
Patchwork Bead Cuff Bracelet
Leather Bangkok Bracelet with Agate
It Takes a Village Sterling Silver Weave Bracelet, Colombia
Wakami Fair Trade 7 Continents Bracelets, Guatemala
Metallic Bead Naga Bracelet, Nepal
Eco-Friendly Seed Bracelet
Floral Vines Cuff
Flat Cuff Bracelets
Brushed Brass Moon Bracelet, India
Pointed Cuff Bracelet in Aluminum, Kenya
Pearly Pink Thai Bead Rhinestone Bracelet
Turkish Tribal Pewter Cuff Bracelet with Stone Inlays
Art Deco Border Cuff Bracelet, Bone and Brass
Bayong Wood Hibiscus Flower Bracelet, Philippines
Gratitude Bracelet
Tribal Crescent Bracelet
Beaded Cuff Bracelet
Geometric Bead Cuff
Pointed Cuff Bracelet in Brass, Kenya
Concave Bullhorn Cuff with Racing Stripe, Vietnam
Beads of Hope Fair Trade Bracelet, Guatemala
Ancient Ties Brass Knot Jewelry, Thailand
Story of the Earth Wakami Bracelet Set, Fair Trade
Beaded Stretch Bracelets
Tassel and Bead Empower Bracelet, Kenya
Men's Wakami Bracelet
Namibian Swirl Black and White Recycled Cuff Bracelet
Earthly Terrain Tiger Eye Disk Bracelet, Thailand

Our bracelet collection has chunky cuffs, wrap bracelets, and beaded bangles. Each piece is inspired by a different region or artistic tradition. Whether its a simple no-fuss band or a hand-painted cuff, our bracelets add color and texture with unique materials and original designs. 


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