About Us

What is Cultural Elements?

Artistry can be found in museums and couture houses, in galleries and libraries. But it doesn’t stop there. Art resides in the markets of Kathmandu and in artisan workshops in Bali. It is cut from brass in Nairobi and carved out of the tagua nuts that grow native in Central America.

At Cultural Elements, we believe that richest sources for style and visual inspiration come from artisan hands all over the world. From Indonesian silver to Indian enamelwork, we are drawn to art forms that serve as the trademarks of a specific region or community. We love how each and every culture boasts its own historical legacy and unique tradition of eye-catching patterns, vibrant colors, and original craftsmanship.

Our goal is to curate everyday wares that seamlessly blend those special “cultural elements” with contemporary aesthetics. Throughout the website, you’ll find items that strike the perfect balance between indigenous creativity and modern tastes. Whether you are on the hunt for jewelry, apparel, or décor, you are bound to find something that easily fits into your home or wardrobe. 

While we strive to provide handmade pieces as much as possible, shifting global relations and a fluctuating market sometimes make it difficult to obtain pieces from their exact culture of origin. We do our best to provide you with ethnic treasures that otherwise would not be available.

The website is organized so that you can browse by country of origin, materials, or design. There is a range of styles and options, so that you can truly relish and make the most of everything that the world, that culture, has to offer.

Who Are We?

We are a family owned online retail company operating out of Jersey City in New Jersey. As the business entity, Cultural Elements Inc., we have been around since 2008. We’ve had the pleasure of processing thousands of orders and interacting with countless customers. We place emphasis on reasonable pricing, fast shipping, and friendly customer service. 

Our yen for unique and interesting designs has motivated us to share with you the various artistic traditions that we have fallen in love with over the course of our journey. We are pleased to partner with artists all over the globe to bring you the best in culturally inspired jewelry, apparel, and décor.