Cap and Quill Fair Trade Brass Stud Earrings
Golden Moon Thai Beaded Crescent Earrings
Hill Tribe Silver Fish Earrings
Indonesian Feather Earrings with Abalone Shell
Indonesian Filigree Earrings, Sterling Silver
Marvelous Mauve Agate Bead Tassel Earrings
Mystical Orb Moonstone Earrings, Sterling Silver
Feathers and Scales Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings
Sterling Silver Lucky Dragon Earrings with Garnet
Sterling Silver Thai Bauble Earrings
Thai Honey Jade Earrings with Sterling Silver
Palace Peacock Sterling Silver Meenakari Earrings, India
Fair Trade Bolivian Aguayo Cloth Earrings
Purple Swazi Dagger Earrings Made of Repurposed Paper
Vietnamese Bullhorn Petal Earrings, Multiple Colors
Evening Dusk Abalone Shell and Sterling Silver Earrings
Scarlet Drop Sterling Silver and Red Coral Earrings
Red Rhombus Sterling Silver and Coral Earrings, Bali
Ring of Fire Coral and Sterling Balinese Earrings
Lion Eyes Balinese Coral and Sterling Earrings
Art Deco Indonesian Mother of Pearl Earrings
Indian Mosaic Teardop Earrings
Turquoise Folktale Mosaic Earrings, India
Vermillion Mosaic Brass and Coral Earrings, India
Sterling Silver Balinese Princess Earrings with Blue Topaz
Indonesian Art Nouveau Abalone Shell Earrings
Bone and Brass Triangle Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Filigree Disk Earrings with Peridot
Colorful Cascade Czech Crystal Bead Earrings

Our earring selection is curated with a close eye on craftsmanship, materials, and artistry. We’ve selected pieces that combine regional style with timeless, elegant aesthetics. 

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