Brass Medina Cuff Bracelet, USA

Item# CBJ-BR-AT10
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This bracelet was inspired by Morocco’s ancient medinas. Medinas are distinct areas of a city, often the oldest and most historic parts. Comprised of narrow, maze-like streets and high walls, they are usually free of cars yet filled with a bustling energy! 

  • Medina cuff bracelet
  • Oxidized sterling silver with brass
  • Brass design measures 2 x 0.875 inches
  • Silver band measures 6.5 inches around
  • Band has an open design that fits most
  • Handmade in the USA

Beauty isn't perfect, it's authentic. This piece is artistically created by hand where beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully. Please accept and appreciate minor imperfections and variations which are true characteristics of this craft.

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