Indian Cowbells, Not Just for Cows!

If you’re looking to decorate, you could opt for something more traditional; posters, photos, etc. But if you want something a little extra, something that adds color and sound, look no further than the Indian cowbell!

Forged from scraps by local artisans, handmade bells and cowbells are a common sight in India due to the cow’s revered status. Here, cows are left free to roam, and bells are useful for keeping track of the animals. During holidays, it’s tradition to decorate cows with floral garlands and lots of jangling bells!

With their rustic appeal and delightful noises, cowbells have gained popularity outside of their intended use. Through collaborations with NGOs, designers, and free trade companies, craftsman are now using cowbells to create home accents that can easily be hung in a doorway or garden. Check out the following pieces, which combine unique design with the unforgettable sounds of India’s streets!

Rainbow Padma Garden Bells, $24

“Padma” is Sanskrit for lotus. Hand-painted with beautiful lotus flowers, these rainbow-colored bells emit a lovely tinkling noise when shaken.

Eco-Friendly Aloha Wind Chime, $32

With its handcrafted bell and aloha sign, this quirky hanging is the perfect way to express warmth for all who pass through your home. The piece’s sign is made from upcycled metal and the bell comes from sustainable cooperatives in India.

Hand Painted Floral Henna Bell, $18

Made by fair trade artisans in India, these hand-painted bells are inspired by traditional Indian tattoos and come in two beautiful designs.

Set of Three Indian Garden Cowbells, $42.00

Finished with folkloric motifs, this set of bells is a perfect addition to the outdoors. Each set features three bells total, all a different size and color!

Colorful Kanji Garland, $58

Featuring Kanji signs, Indian bells, and assembled in the USA, this garland is a wonderful mix of various cultures and influences. Kanji is a Japanese style of Chinese characters, and each Kanji sign in this piece is made from upcycled metal!