Five Types of Hangings to Fill Blank Walls

Don’t get us wrong: we love a good poster. Posters are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. But they’re also just one way to decorate! Fill those blank walls and upgrade your décor game with these five unique types of wall art.

GarlandsColorful and soft, garlands have an irresistible cheer and are great for any space that could use a little vibrancy. Hang one over a doorway or drape it over the top of a poster to “frame” any existing wall art.


You might see the word mobile and think “nursery”, but don’t be fooled! Strung with geometric shapes or artistic beads, these dynamic creations make modern and sophisticated additions to any contemporary space.

DreamcatchersDecorating with a dreamcatcher is a beautiful tradition that fills a room with protective energy. Adapted from the Ojibwe tribe, dreamcatchers were originally used to guard sleepers from bad dreams. As is the custom, we suggest hanging one over the bed.

ReliefsInspired by ancient monuments and sites, historic reliefs give your walls literal dimension with their sculptural details. Reliefs based off of actual artifacts inspire an antique vibe (but without the hefty antique price).

TextilesWith their knotted designs, nubby surfaces, and embroidered embellishments, textiles are an easy way to play with texture. For a  fun boho look, we recommend a macramé hanging. Or try an embroidered banner, which covers lots of space in one fell swoop!