10 Amazing Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala is known as God’s own country – an abode of the beautiful, Mother Nature. It is a place where beauty and bliss can be found together in abundance. One of the most magnificent places on the planet, the South Indian state is home to countless amazing experiences. Kerala has been enjoying an amazing history and culture since ancient times. In addition to the charming heritage of religion and nature worship, the coastal province stands for many more things that can take years to explore the whole of them. From picture-perfect waterfalls to splendid beaches, there is a lot to rejoice in the lap of Kerala.

If you are planning to spend the most precious moments of your life amidst the majestic beauty of Kerala, here’s the list of things you shouldn’t miss there.

1. Experience the blissful serenity of Kerala backwaters

Kerala backwaters and the regions nearby are probably the most pleasant locations to have a glimpse of beautiful nature. The backwaters that run parallel to the Arabian Sea form a lagoon-shaped chain of water bodies, living where is an experience of a lifetime. Visit the famous backwaters and feel the serenity in an amazing way. Remove stress out of your mind just by being there.



2. Submerge in Athirapally

One of the most picturesque waterfalls in Kerala, Athirapally gives your soul a fascinating healing when you get drenched in its white water. The 80-ft waterfall is called the Niagara of India, where you can cool your soul down. Located in Pariyaram district, the fall is set on the Chalakudy River.

3. Fascinate your soul with Kathakali and Theyyam

Kerala and its culture have always enticed travelers from across India and the world. Kerala’s dance form, Kathakali performance is something that wins the heart of the audience. Even if you may not be able to understand Malayalam songs, the dance will make your day. You can also watch the rituals of Theyyam, a kind of worship in North Malabar region.


4. Ayurveda treatment in Kerala

A tour to Kerala without Ayurveda is a holiday not enjoyed to the fullest. The Indian state is known as the global capital of Ayurveda and is the biggest destination of Ayurvedic treatments in the world. Take an herbal massage or enjoy an Ayurveda retreat in Kerala to get acquainted with the luscious heritage of the place. Learn the art of herbal living while enjoying an Ayurveda holiday in Kerala.

7. Fall in love with the breathtaking beaches

There is no reason to not fall in love with the virgin beaches of Kerala. The 580 km of coastline makes numerous beaches from where one can have a scintillating glimpse of the endless waters of the Laccadive Sea. The beauty of Kerala beaches is that one can behold tradition and beauty in an assortment. Play multiple games on the beaches with your family and friends and make a lot of memories.


6. Watch a snake boat race

Kerala is unique and amazing with the fascinating boat race being an important part and parcel of Malayali culture. Vallam Kali, as it is called traditionally is organized in the form of racing tournaments in many parts of Kerala. Nehru Trophy, President Trophy Boat Race, Kallada Boat Race, etc are some of the most popular Snake boat race tournaments in Kerala.

7. Adore the rich vegetation of Kerala

The Western Ghats, coffee plantations, multiple national parts, in addition to many more gifts of the Mother Nature make up an adorable Kerala. Enjoy a jeep ride in the Periyar jungle, watch the birds in their flocking beauty best at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and pacify your brain with a walk in the Munnar tea garden. A houseboat living is another astonishing thing to enjoy in Kerala.


8. Yoga retreat in Kerala

Yoga and spirituality are significant elements of Kerala history. In addition to Ayurveda, Yoga is also found in its purest form in Kerala. The Yoga centers of Varkala, Alleppey, and Cochin offer the most stunning experience of a Yoga holiday on the beautiful beaches. Along with Rishikesh and Goa, Kerala forms the Yoga triangle of India where one can have an incredible Yoga vacation.

9. Houseboating in Alappuzha

Houseboats are quite popular in Kerala and particularly in Alappuzha. People from around the country come here to have a pleasing experience of living in the houseboats. Alleppey or Alappuzha is among the most favorite destinations for globetrotters coming to India. A houseboat has the capacity to accommodate a large family.

10. Witness Kerala’s opulent spiritual culture

Kerala is known for its rich spiritual tradition that can be witnessed by numerous temples and ancient spiritual centers in the state. You can spend time by visiting these places, worshipping there and adoring their beautiful designs and architectures. Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Padianoor Devi Temple, Ananthapura Lake Temple, etc are some of the popular ones. The Central Mahallu Jamaath in Muvattupuzha offers silence and prayers.

Visiting the whole of Kerala and knowing about the history is among the most marvelous things to do. Put your step on the sacred land of Kerala and experience euphoria.

Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He teaches Ayurveda Courses India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.