Hand-Embroidered Hoop Art, India

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Hand-embroidered hoops imbue traditional Indian motifs with a homey charm. Embroidery is a thriving art in India, and each region is known for a specific design or style. These hoops are made using a white chain stitch on a slate blue background, creating striking texture and contrast. Lightweight, they easily hang on the wall with a simple nail or screw. Choose from three different sizes. 

Small Hoop: Measures 8.5 inches in diameter
Medium Hoop: Measures 10.5 inches in diameter
Large Hoops: Measures 12.5 inches in diameter

  • Hand-embroidered hoop art
  • White stitching on slate-colored cotton
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Large size says “Keep Dreaming"
  • Handmade in India

Beauty isn’t perfect, it’s authentic. This item was artistically created by hand where beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully. Please accept and appreciate minor imperfections and variations which are true characteristics of this craft.

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