Vibrant Egyptian King Akhenaton Statue, 14 Inches

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Akhenaton, originally named Amenhotep IV, ruled Egypt for 17 years (1367-1350 b.c.) together with his beautiful Queen Nefertiti. He was the son of Amenhotep III. After the fifth year of his reign, he assumed the name Akhenaton ("The Glory of the Aten"). He initiated what would amount decades of religious reform, altering millennia of religious and civil traditions in the process. Akhenaton erected a temple to the Sun God at Karnak. The Aten temple contained a peristyle court whose 28 pillars supported colossal statues of the King.

This gold and multi-colored statue is a radiant homage to that original artifact!  Statue measures 14 inches high, 4 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. 

  • Reproduction statue of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaton
  • Cast stone with gold and multicolored finish
  • Measures 14’’ high x 4’’ wide x 3’’ deep
  • Indoor use only 

This item is inspired by an original historical artifact. Variations in color, details, and overall appearance may be present. 

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