Ancient Egyptian Snake Ring, USA

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This wraparound ring is inspired by original jewelry from ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, as in many cultures, snakes were both feared and worshipped. As one of the demons of the underworld, the destructive Apophis was feared while the serpent Meretseger was worshipped as the protector of the Valley of the Kings. A cobra, Uraeus, was attached to the headdress of King Tutankhamun and other rulers as their royal insignia and protection. Some believe that Cleopatra was killed by an asp that she had smuggled into her room.

Made from pewter with a gold-colored finish, this ring has an adjustable band that fits most ring sizes. Band is about 0.125 inches wide. Snakehead and tail together are 0.25 inches wide. Made in the USA.

  • Ancient Egyptian snake ring
  • Pewter with gold-colored finish
  • Band is 0.125-0.25 inches wide
  • Adjustable band fits most
  • Made in the USA  
This item may feature slight variations in color, surface markings, and overall appearance. Such details enhance the unique beauty of each piece.
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