Thoughts of the Week: Proverbs on Gratitude

Current research on gratitude is proving what many cultures have known all along: gratitude is physically and emotionally good for us. Science has shown that people who have gratitude benefit from everything from high self esteem to improved sleep. And even while gratitude can’t solve all our problems, it sure helps us feel better about where we are in life.

Proverbs are considered proverbs for a reason: their wisdom is witty, succinct, and timeless, no matter the subject at hand! Here are are three proverbs on gratitude that don’t need scientific backing to feel true.

German Proverb

Luck and gratitude are subjective. So long as we feel lucky, then we are lucky! There is no one to tell us otherwise. Others may have money, fame, fortune: but if they don’t have gratitude then what’s the point?

Portuguese Proverb

We can’t wait for gratitude to show up. We have to put in the effort to generate it within. Start small! Begin a gratitude journal and start counting your blessings. The more blessings you accumulate, the more life will suddenly feel brighter and better.

Spanish Proverb

There is so much we don’t control, and much of what happens to us is out of our hands. We may wish for more in life, but that doesn’t mean we will get more. Instead, let us embrace what is already here: whether it’s a loving family, a place to call home, or even something small like a good cup of coffee.