5 Types of Jewelry with Deeper Meaning

When it comes to jewels and accessories, there’s nothing wrong with loving something purely because it’s pretty. But if you’re looking to wear a piece that carries significance, whether through its design or its backstory, you might find yourself shopping for more than just aesthetics. For those who want to adorn themselves in something that has a deeper meaning, we’ve put together this helpful list of different jewelry styles.

Handmade and Fair Trade

With fair trade jewelry, you can support underserved artisans while styling yourself in original craftsmanship. Each and every fair trade accessory at Cultural Elements is created by a real person who’s paid a proper living wage and works in safe, dignified conditions. Fair trade jewelry also keeps traditional handicraft alive, as many pieces are created using special techniques passed down through generations.

Inspirational Jewelry

Choose Joy Inspirational Ring
Choose Joy Sterling Silver Inspirational Ring by Mind Fuel Nest

Why not wear the words you live by? With inspirational jewelry, you can style yourself in the mantras or affirmations that sustain you, uplift you, and keep you going through all of life’s ups and downs. With a wide variety of sentiments available, you can select pieces based on mindfulness, such as “Be Here Now”, or an attitude of positivity, such as “Choose Joy”.

Spiritual Jewelry

Spirituality means many different things to many different people. But regardless of their exact spiritual orientation, for many, it’s a vital part of who they are. Spiritual jewelry that features such iconic symbols such as the Seven Chakras or the face of Buddha is a beautiful way to embody these personal beliefs while also drawing strength and peace from the symbols’ unique significance.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry lets you showcase and revel in Mother Nature’s dazzling and coloration creations. But more than being beautiful, gems and stones also have spiritual connotations. Many cultures believe that crystals vibrate with special properties, helping influence your overall wellbeing. You can wear gemstones for luck, such as Green Aventurine, or peace, like Moonstone or Amethyst. Or try Rose Quartz, which is said to kindle love and compassion.

Symbolic Jewelry

Humans have long worn symbols to express identity and personal beliefs. Symbols can also serve as tokens of strength, peace, or connection during the times we need these these values the most. Symbols require no words, yet they say so much. Whether it’s the Tree of Life or the ancient Hamsa symbol, you can wear a symbolic jewelry piece that speaks to you, and let it guide you along your journey.