5 Stunning Canal Cities Around the World

Venice isn’t the only destination famous for its stunning waterways. In these metropolises, canals cut through the landscape, creating breathtaking city scenes (and in some cases, replacing roads with water). Check out these five gorgeous canal cities to put on your travel bucket list.

Suzhou, China

Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in China’s Yangtze Basin and was dubbed “The Venice of the East” by Marco Polo. Not only will you encounter winding water passages and stunning waterside gardens you’ll also find the longest waterway in the world. The city’s Grand Canal is 1,200 miles long and includes over 20 historic bridges, ten ancient city gates, and two must-see temples.

Alappuzha, India

The city of Alappuzha in Kerala is home to some of the dreamiest waterscapes. While the city center itself can be quite crowded, tourists can head to the backwaters and cruise through a lush network of lagoons, canals, and connected lakes. You can even rent a houseboat and stay a few nights on the water.

Annecy, France

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the French Alps”, Annecy boasts stunning mountain views, a pristine lakefront, and of course, canals. The city’s historic downtown, replete with cobblestone passages and quaint pastel houses, has more waterways than roads.

Tigre, Argentina

Just a mere 45 minutes from Argentina’s capital city is Tigre. Named for the Jaguars that once roamed the area, this city sits on the Paraná Delta and features an impressive system of waterways and islands. Take a boat tour and catch a glimpse of the city’s Tudor-style architecture, dense treetops, and the smaller rural islands where many residents live.

Birmingham, Englandh


Connecting to the surrounding areas of Wolverhampton and Black Country, Birmingham’s entire canal system encompasses over 100 miles of waterways. Many were created during the 17th and 18th centuries to accommodate manufacturing and trade. But their industrial dseign doesn’t make them any less beautiful or charming. Today, the canals are now home to bustling shops and restaurants.