3 Color Palettes to Wear This Spring

Looking to shake up your wardrobe? While any time of year is a good time to play with color, the newfound energy of spring can fill you with an extra zest for trying out new shades and hues. Here are three of the newest color palettes to wear this spring.


Neutral tones like beige, cream, and taupe don’t have to dull, especially if you experiement with different textures and unique design elements. Try a large statement bag with beads or macramé or basic top with an eye-catching silhouette.


Classic yet never boring, pastels are the perfect complement to spring’s fresh green vibes. A pastel tunic or scarf adds some cheerful color without overwhelming the senses


Pastel and neutrals too tame for you? You’re in luck, because the latest color trend is a bold one: neon. Give your ensemble electrifying edge with bright hues like orange, yellow, and pink. Go big with an ornate pattern or keep it simple with a tiny pop of color.