Sterling Silver Feather Bangle Bracelet, Thailand

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Humans have long yearned to fly, to be soaring and weightless like a bird. It’s no surprise that feathers are so prevalent in iconography all over the world! They can be spotted on headdresses, they flank the shoulders of gods and goddesses, and abound in art and jewelry. This southwestern style bracelet carries on that legacy with a detailed feather design. Bracelet’s feather is about 1.5 inches across and 0.375 inches long. Bangle is about 8 inches around and latches closed. Made in Thailand. 

  • Feather bangle bracelet
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Feather is 1.5 x 0.375 inches
  • Bangle is 8 inches around
  • Made in Thailand

 Beauty isn't perfect, it's authentic. This item is artistically pieced together by hand where beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully. Please accept and appreciate minor imperfections and variations which are true characteristic of this craft


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