Rodin Statue Cathedral Hands
Statue of Egyptian God Osiris, 13.5 Inches
Ancient Harvest Goddess Statue
Barn Owl Statue
Turriga Mother Goddess Statue
Little Dancer Statue by Degas
The Thinker By Rodin Statue, 5 Inches
Egyptian Isis Goddess Statue with Gold Details, 9 Inches
Moses by Michelangelo Statue, 11 Inches
Stone Garden Cat
Kneeling Isis Egyptian Statue
Eternal Springtime by Rodin Statue, 10 Inches
Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Statue, 14.25 Inches
Eternity Knot Statue
Assyrian Lamassu Statue
Isis Seated with Horus, Regal Egyptian Statue
Fair Trade African Soapstone Family Statue
Nile River Goddess Statue
Vibrant Egyptian King Akhenaton Statue, 14 Inches
Parliament of Color African Owl Statue, Kenya
Mother and Child Fair Trade African Stone Statue
Little Dancer Statue by Degas
The Thinker Statue by Rodin
All In The Family Kenyan Soapstone Statue
Fair Trade Dancing Couple Statue, Zimbabwe
The Thinker by Rodin Statue, 12 Inches
Winged Nike Statue
Minoan Snake Goddess Statue, 12 Inches
Statue of Egyptian King Akhenaton
Happy Lounging Cat Statue
Assyrian Lamassu Statue
Cycladic Thinker Statue
Dreamer of Malta Stone Finish Statue
Fair Trade Cat and Mouse Statues
Birth of Venus Statue
David By Michelangelo

The art of rendering images in three-dimensional form has been practiced all over the world for millennia. Cultural Elements carefully curated statues celebrate and carry on this ancient tradition. Choose from abstract sculptures for a modern look or antique style figurines inspired by genuine historical artifacts.

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