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    Celtic Symbol Triskele Pendant, Sterling Silver
    $ 21.00
    Eye of Horus Sterling Silver Relief Pendant
    $ 24.00
    Helm of Awe Viking Rune Pendant, Sterling Silver
    $ 28.00
    Turquoise and Coral Sterling Silver Sunburst Pendant, Thailand
    $ 120.00
    Mother of Pearl Regal Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver
    Regular price $ 24.00 Sale price$ 16.00
    Mother of Pearl Modern Lilac Pendant, Sterling Silver
    $ 24.00
    Spring Dewdrops Pendant with Mother of Pearl
    $ 36.00
    Palace Fan Pendant, Sterling Silver
    $ 18.00
    Sterling Silver Indonesian Battle Shield Pendant, Abalone Shell
    $ 36.00
    Garden Trellis Sterling Pendant With Abalone Shell
    $ 44.00
    Engraved Sterling Silver Cross Pendant with Amethyst
    $ 36.00
    Indonesian Feather Pendant with Abalone Shell
    $ 44.00
    Sterling Silver Raindrop Pendant with Abalone Shell
    $ 32.00
    Sterling Silver Celtic Triskelion Pendant
    $ 38.00

    Amulets and talismans have long held enchantment across all different regions. Our pendant collection lets you pick a talisman to match your unique personal tastes. Browse creations with sterling silver, sparkling gems, precious inlays, and beloved symbols.