Double Tab Striped Bead Bracelet, Colombia
Golden Medallion Pendant Necklace, India
Golden Medallion Beaded Stretch Bracelet, India
Lagoon Tagua Tassel Necklace, Ecuador
Brass Spiral Antique Market Necklace, India
Turquoise Folktale Mosaic Earrings, India
Indian Mosaic Teardop Earrings
Art Deco Indonesian Mother of Pearl Earrings
Lion Eyes Balinese Coral and Sterling Earrings
Red Rhombus Sterling Silver and Coral Earrings, Bali
Leopard Spot Brass Bracelet with Tiger Eye Gemstone
Coastal Winds South African Brass Bracelet
African Safari Animal Print Cuff, Kenya
It Takes a Village Sterling Silver Weave Bracelet, Colombia
Colombian Sliding Crystal Bead Bracelet
Made With Love Columbian Beaded Heart Bracelet
Turkish Tribal Pewter Cuff Bracelet with Stone Inlays
Hand Painted Glass Bead Ghana Bracelet, Multiple Colors
Stacked Rings Jazz Necklace, Vietnam
Bullhorn Cluster Pendant Necklace, Vietnam
Raw Beauty Vietnamese Bullhorn Cuff Bracelet, Fair Trade
Vietnamese Bullhorn Bib Cutout Necklace
Black and Ivory Acai Seed Necklace, Ecuador
Chunky Tagua Block Necklace, Multiple Colors
Concave Bullhorn Cuff with Racing Stripe, Vietnam
Neon Stripe Vietnamese Bullhorn Cuff, Fair Trade
Braided Leather Rainforest Bracelet, Ecuador
Vietnamese Bullhorn Petal Earrings, Multiple Colors
Vietnamese Bullhorn Petal Necklace, Multiple Colors
Namibian Swirl Black and White Recycled Cuff Bracelet
Purple Swazi Dagger Earrings Made of Repurposed Paper
Swazi Sisal Sun Disk Necklace
All Wrapped Up Cuff Bracelet, Multiple Colors
Precious Patterns Brass Crescent Necklace, India
Kerala Cluster Elegant Beaded Necklace, Multiple Colors
Indian Interlace Wire Cuff Bracelet, Fair Trade

No need to travel far and wide to discover the world’s treasures. With our jewelry collection, you can simply wear them. Cultural Elements’ necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings are inspired by artistic traditions from across the globe. Sparkling, beaded, or bold, the beauty of culture knows no limits.

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