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    Liquid Silver Tassel Earrings
    $ 36.00
    Silver Horn Tribal Earrings
    $ 18.00
    Crescent Moon Lunar Hoop Earrings, USA
    $ 98.00
    Semi-Circle Geometric Stud Earrings With Amethyst
    $ 36.00
    Sterling Silver Gemstone Spiral Earrings
    $ 42.00
    Trickling Swirls Sterling Silver Earrings
    $ 62.00
    Hill Tribe Sterling Silver Orb Hoop Earrings, Laos
    $ 64.00
    Blue Bead Sterling Silver Dreamcatcher Earrings
    Regular price $ 24.00 Sale pricefrom $ 18.00
    Moon Over The Horizon White Gold Drop Earrings, Cambodia
    $ 72.00
    Petal and Vine Fair Trade Oblong Earrings, Cambodia
    $ 72.00
    Purple Rain Amethyst Gemstone Earrings, Thailand
    $ 36.00
    Ancient Ties Brass Knot Jewelry, Thailand
    from $ 21.00
    Half and Half Gold and Turquoise Wire Earrings, USA
    $ 28.00
    Desert Flower Silver Concho Earrings with Turquoise, USA
    $ 22.00
    Colorful Cascade Czech Crystal Bead Earrings
    $ 32.00
    Indonesian Art Nouveau Abalone Shell Earrings
    $ 38.00
    Indonesian Filigree Earrings, Sterling Silver
    $ 32.00
    Sterling Silver Lucky Dragon Earrings with Garnet
    $ 68.00

    Our earring selection is curated with a close eye on quality craftsmanship, unique materials, and traditional artistry. We’ve selected pieces that combine regional style with timeless, elegant aesthetics. Shop stud earrings, gemstone earrings, and handcrafted statement earrings to give your look an unforgettable touch.