Rajasthan Royalty Hand Painted Marble Tray and Bowl Set

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Featuring stunning kundan work, this hand painted marble tray and set of two bowls is tradition personified. Kundan work, or the setting of precious stones in gold, is a rare art form and has been pursued in Rajasthan from the time of the Rajput kings and queens. Dholpur near Bharatpur is a famous center of art work on marble. The craftsmen use their chisel like a brush and paint on marble with a passion that comes from an intense love and pride for their craft. 

Made in Rajasthan, this set also features marble painting, an art that originated in the 16th century. It has been used to enhance the charm of many a functional household object. With an intricate finish of vivid red, emerald green and royal gold, this set is a perfect example of marble painting in everyday use. Tray is 5.5 x 9 inches. Bowls are each 3 inches wide. Set is designed for decorative purposes only. Not food safe. 

  • Hand painted tray and bowl set
  • Made of marble with traditional kundan work
  • Tray is 5.5 x 9 inches
  • Bowls are each 3 inches wide
  • Decorative use only 
  • Made in Rajasthan, India

Handcrafted: Artistically created by hand where beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully. Please accept and appreciate minor imperfections and variations which are true characteristic of this craft.

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