Fair Trade Two Tone Arrow Necklace
Cap and Quill Fair Trade Brass Stud Earrings
Two Way Bead Choker, Kenya
Simple Brass Chevron Necklace, Kenya
Bone and Brass Triangle Stud Earrings
Striped Horn Necklace, Nepal
Turquoise Bead Triangle Necklace, Nepal
Tribal Tattoo Statement Necklace, Nepal
Jungle Parade Curved Bone Necklace
Grasslands Bib Necklace with Etched Horn
Black and White Colorblock Necklace, Nepal
Sterling Silver Thai Bauble Earrings
Skinny Brass Fringe Necklace, Kenya
Pointed Cuff Bracelet in Brass, Kenya
Brass Feather Fringe Necklace, Kenya
Brass Grid Cuff Bracelet, Kenya

No need to travel far and wide to discover the world’s treasures. With our jewelry collection, you can simply wear them. Cultural Elements’ necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings are inspired by artistic traditions from across the globe. Sparkling, beaded, or bold, the beauty of culture knows no limits.

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