Eye of Horus Sterling Silver Relief Pendant

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One of the most famous symbols to come out of ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus, also known as “Wadjet”, represents protection and healing. Legend has it that the Egyptian god Horus lost his left eye in a fight. It was restored by the goddess Hathor. As a result, the ancient Egyptians saw the hieroglyph as a symbol of restoration. It was worn as an amulet by both the living and the dead.

Carry on this ancient practice with this sterling silver pendant. Made with an etched border and reliefs, pendant is about 0.625 inches in diameter.

  • Eye of Horus pendant
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Measures 0.625 inches in diameter 
  • Sold as a pendant. To add a chain please select a chain option.

This item may feature slight variations in details and overall appearance.

Pendant is sold as pendant only. To add a sterling silver snake chain, click here

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