Decorative Embossed Keepsake Box with Clasp
Paisley Sweethearts Hand Carved Heart Tealight Holder
Dream Catcher
Floral Metallic Serving Tray in White Gold Color, India
Diamond and Hoop Boho Macramé Wall Hanging, India
Large Size Vintage Inspired Dream Catcher, 18 Inches
Regal Keepsake Chest
The Thinker By Rodin Statue, 5 Inches
Egyptian Mosaic Serving Tray with Mother of Pearl
Canopic Jar of Duamutef, Egyptian Statue
Rajasthan Royalty Hand Painted Marble Tray and Bowl Set
Clear Quartz Gemstone Bonsai Tree
Egyptian Isis Goddess Statue with Gold Details, 9 Inches
Assyrian Lamassu Statue
Moorish Mosaic Coral Serving Tray, India
Amethyst Gemstone Bonsai Tree
Aztec Wall Calendar, 17 Inches
Malachite Gemstone Treasure Chest
Blue Sodalite Gemstone Tree
Vintage Dream Catcher
Macramé Spinning Dream Catcher, India
Bissau Beadwork Terra Cotta Vase, 24 Inches
Stone Colored Relief of the Mayan Vision Serpent, 7.5 Inches
Brass Lotus Trivet
Set of 2 Elephant Wooden Tealight Holders, India
Agate Gemstone Bookends
Canopic Jar of Qebehsenuef, Egyptian Statue
Ancient Mayan Ball Player Wall Relief
Reproduction Statue of The Kiss by Rodin, 4.5 Inches
Rainbow Gemstone Bonsai Tree
Heart Shaped Candleholder
Regal Rajput Elaborate Serving Tray with Kundan Work
Moorish Mosaic Turquoise Serving Tray
Canopic Jar of Hapi, Egyptian Statue
Green Aventurine Gemstone
Dragon Stone Heart

Whether you reside in a house or apartment, your place of residence should feel like a veritable palace. Let us help! Our home section is a trove of wall art, accents, statues, and housewares that brighten your environment with unique global flair. Whether you embrace a rustic, antique look or gravitate towards moderns tastes, Cultural Element’s offers décor for just about every decorative style.   

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