Modern Geometric Eyeglass Holder
Hand Painted Floral Henna Bell, Multiple Colors
In Good Hands Wood Statue and Jewelry Holder
Eco-Friendly Aloha Wind Chime, USA
Manu’s Fish Indian Wooden Puzzle Box
Sold Out
Neon Mandala Circle Purse
Sold Out
Purple Swazi Dagger Earrings Made of Repurposed Paper
Fair Trade Bolivian Aguayo Cloth Earrings
Rainbow Weave Bolivian Textile Necklace
Spring Dewdrops Pendant with Mother of Pearl
Sterling Silver Balinese Princess Earrings with Blue Topaz
Indonesian Art Nouveau Abalone Shell Earrings
Feathers and Scales Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings
Sterling Silver Lucky Dragon Earrings with Garnet
Sold Out
Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Statue, 14.25 Inches
Sold Out
Rosetta Stone Wall Plaque, 14 Inches
Canopic Jar of Hapi, Egyptian Statue
Canopic Jar of Imsety, Egyptian Statue
Canopic Jar of Qebehsenuef, Egyptian Statue
Canopic Jar of Duamutef, Egyptian Statue
Rosetta Stone Bookends, 10 Inches
Sold Out
Wall Hanging of the Aztec Double Headed Serpent
Tree of Life Mayan Wall Relief
Colorful Mayan Vision Serpent Wall Relief
Hill Tribe Silver Fish Earrings
Elephants on Parade Cuff Bracelet
Sold Out
Wooden Owl Puzzle Box, Indonesia
Sold Out
Simple Brass Chevron Necklace, Kenya
Skinny Brass Fringe Necklace, Kenya

Our gifts are carefully chosen for you to share unique global craftsmanship with others. Shop handmade jewelry, fair trade decor, and colorful accessories for a find that’s truly one of a kind.

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