Premium Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone Bookends, Brazil

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These bookends of solid clear quartz are a striking yet practical office accessory. The bookends' are replete with natural crystal formations. Each quartz piece is mined in Brazil, which is famous for its natural deposits of precious and semi-precious stones. Though stones can be around all over the country, southern Brazil is most renowned for an abundance of quartz. 

Because of clear quartz organic nature, no two pieces will look the same and each will display beautiful variations in color and details. Bookends are each approximately 6 inches high, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. Measurements will differ slightly depending on the individual stone. 

  • Clear quartz bookends
  • Made of solid quartz gemstone
  • Each measures 6 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Quartz is from Brazil

Due to the organic nature of this stone, each piece will display beautiful variations in color, surface details, and overall appearance. No two pieces are alike.

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