Rosetta Stone Wall Plaque, 14 Inches
Assyrian Lamassu Statue
Rosetta Stone Bookends, 10 Inches
The Thinker by Rodin Statue, 12 Inches
Cycladic Thinker Statue
Moses by Michelangelo Statue, 11 Inches
Wall Hanging of the Aztec Double Headed Serpent
Nile River Goddess Statue
Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet Statue, 14.25 Inches
Assyrian Lamassu Statue
Celtic Chess Set
Rosetta Stone Accent
Isis Seated with Horus, Regal Egyptian Statue
Statue of Egyptian God Osiris, 13.5 Inches
The Thinker By Rodin Statue, 5 Inches
Winged Nike Statue
Egyptian Isis Goddess Statue with Gold Details, 9 Inches
The Thinker Statue by Rodin
Aztec Wall Calendar, 17 Inches
Reproduction Statue of The Kiss by Rodin, 4.5 Inches
Golden Selket Egyptian Goddess Statue, 8.25 Inches
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The Kiss Statue By Rodin
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Egyptian Goddess Feline Bastet Statue, 8.5 Inches
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Aztec Wall Calendar, 10 Inches
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Ancient Egyptian Regal Cat Statue
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Diana of Ephesus Ancient Goddess Statue
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Artistic Gifts inspired by Cultures around the world.
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