Marble Art from India

Culture rich India has several forms of stone artwork from different regions. Brilliantly painted marble from Rajasthan is one of best examples of such stone artwork and can best be described as ‘poetry in stone.’Marble painting as an art form originated in Rajasthan during the sixteenth century. The Rajput kings and nobles of this state [...]

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 Vetiver is the root of Chrysopogon zizanioides, a perennial grass which gets its name from the south Indian language, Tamil (veti=cut, ver=root). Besides its place of origin in India, Vetiver is extensively grown in Indonesia, Haiti, Brazil, China and Reunion.Unlike the fibrous, horizontally-spreading root systems common to most grasses, vetiver roots grow fairly deep to [...]

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Visiting Bali

One is never quite prepared for the reality of Bali. Emerald hillsides curving spectacularly against azure skies, satin-ribbon beaches, the sensual fragrance of frangipani and jasmine, timeless temples and a culture of slow grace… for a very small island, Bali packs a huge punch as a travel destination.Arguably the best known island in the [...]

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