Black Vetiver Table Mats - Set of 6


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Product Description

These table mats are made from Vetiver roots and cotton in Indonesia. The place mats are sold as a set of 6 and measures 14 X 20 inches. Vetiver is a plant that produces an aromatic oil in its root system. Its soothing, stress reducing scent is used to create oils, perfumes, room scents, and aromatherapy products. After time the scent may diminish but with soaking of the tassle or washing of the placemat the scent reappears. They are machine washable and should be dried flat or at tumble dry low heat. Remove from machine and stretch a bit to maintain original form. These place mats make a great gift.

Vetiver is a tree root grown mostly in central Java, Indonesia. Vetiver Oil was first produced in Indonesia after the Dutch introduced the plant into the country in the early 1920s. Vetiver products are crafted in village cooperative by the locals, and replanted by them, so the traditions of the craft are not lost. The roots are also used in the processing of skin care products, as insect and rodent repellents, and for making screens, blinds, fans, hats and handbags. The leaves, meanwhile, are used for roof thatching, mulching, floor coverings in stables, animal fodder, and handicrafts such as ropes, mats and baskets.

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