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Know us before you join us!

Some dreams do see the light of the day. Do you cherish a style where the avant-garde is equally at home with the classical? Perhaps a traditional art or design employed to make a style statement? For us this very thought was the ‘eureka’ moment for starting Cultural Elements. The company was founded on an ideal of aesthetics combined with entrepreneurial zeal. The idea of embellishing the mundane with exquisite crafts and the cultures of the world was the driving force behind Cultural Elements. And the distance from aspiration to conviction was but a step away.

Today, Cultural Elements is a full fledged ecommerce house based in New York City, catering to a clientele with a fine taste in fashion and home accessories. We take pride in sourcing unique artifacts for people with discerning taste. You will agree that world cultures are a ‘horn of plenty’ for unique crafts. Cultural Elements is proud to showcase indigenous creativity from traditions across the globe. Selective designs fashioned by artisans and not robotic machines. Innovative craftsmanship that is not just computer generated mass merchandise. Some of the skills that go into the antique reproductions exemplify the best use of local talent and resources. And when you appreciate the beauty of the art form do appreciate that some of these skills have been protected from the brink of oblivion.  

Ancient civilizations have varied hues of culture and heritage, evolving richly over thousands of years. Skilled hands around the world seem to roll back the centuries to give you some of the finest examples from the ages. 


Imagine... culture at the edge of fashion.

        • Necklaces featuring old fashioned processes with fashion-foward silhouettes and color palettes
        • Cuffs narrating a beaded story for the modern gal
        • Talking about small home accens? Then, how about Egyptian mother of pearl inlay jewlery boxes? A hand crafted objet d’art made with supreme attention to detail.

From antique reproductions true to the originals to their modern avatars, Cultural Elements hopes to add a touch of the past to the present. Products are either sourced from the land of their origin (how exotic), or culturally inspired designs are made in modernised factories. You can also find a lot of artisanal jewelry, made right here in the USA.

For long, traditional handicrafts were sold off shelves in far off countries. Our web centric solution reaches out and touches base with the customer. Sitting at your patio in California, with just a click, you can connect to us online here on the east coast. Catch a glimpse with our enhanced product previews. Browse through leisurely. We continue to add artifacts and designs depicting art forms from diverse cultures across the globe to our catalog. And nothing would please us more than if you can add a touch of your own cultural inspiration to our wealth of ideas. 

A lot of our products are handmade in different parts of the world. So they may have an individual artistic character; but do remember that unique also means limited stocks. So be quick to order the product that catches your fancy! 

We’d love to hear about it. Link to us on Facebook or on our blog…share your travel tales. Why not send in pictures too…after all pictures ‘say’ more than words. A selfie perhaps, displaying your find from Cultural Elements would encourage the artists and their representatives to create more pieces of art.